The Case for Corporate Personhood

Corporations take a lot of heat and one of them is the concept of corporate personhood. I hear it from left wingers that hate corporations and even from libertarians trying to fit in with the narrative (though a left winger hates a corporation in a totally different way). I find the arguments against corporate personhood… Read More »

Meat Advertising Trickery – Be a More Informed Consumer

This is something that has been on my nerves a bit lately. Advertising of meat is very manipulative, especially for the do-good yuppies that are generally low information, but very motivated to show how progressive they are with food. I’m not calling for regulations or anything like that on how one advertises because they’re not… Read More »

Monthly Digest – June 2016

Just a monthly digest of things that are worth reading. These are things that I’ve personally read and thought were interesting. Note to Swiss: Basic Income Plans Have a Basic Flaw – Cutting everyone a check may replace unwieldy programs, but there’s still an “impossible trinity” to contend with. NASA’s view of the Fort McMurray Fires Gloomy… Read More »

Trade Deficits are not Bad

The narrative around trade deficits in society is wrong. It’s something driven in by mainly left wing politics and generally viewed as a negative thing. The concept really took place in the United States where it has had a trade deficit for a long time. In Canada, we’ve had a trade surplus for a long… Read More »